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desc laconic Expressed in or using few words; terse; succinct.
desc jejune 1. Childish, immature, unsophisticated. 2. Lacking in substance; insipid; dull. [...]
desc inutile Useless.
desc intumescence 1. The process or condition of swelling. 2. A swollen organ or part. intr.v. int [...]
desc inculate To teach or impress by forceful urging or frequent repetition; instil.
desc inveigle 1. To lead astray or win over by deceitful flattery or persuasion. 2. To obtain [...]
desc impecunious Lacking in money; penniless; poor.
desc hubris (pr. hew-briss) 1. Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance. adj. hubristic
desc hipped (archaic) Melancholy; sad; depressed. (Note, I'm not particularly surprised [...]
desc hie (Poetic) To go quickly; hasten; hurry. Also `hied,' `hying,' `hieing,' `hies,'
desc gust (archaic) Personal taste or inclination. `Gusted' - having a particular taste e [...]
desc gracile (pr. gras-eel) 1. Gracefully slender. 2. (rare) Graceful
desc flense To strip skin or blubber.
desc fledge To take care of a young bird until it is ready for flight.
desc fain (all archaic) Preferably; Gladly. ~adj. 1. Ready, willing. 2. Obliged or require [...]
desc extirpate 1. To uproot. 2. To destroy completely; exterminate. 3. To remove by surgery.
desc excise 1. To delete a passage of text. 2. To remove as if by cutting. Especially of an [...]
desc ensiform Sword shaped.
desc emulous To have ambition fueled by rivalry.
desc crepuscular 1. Active during twilight hours. 2. Dim or hazy like twilight.
desc couth Refined, suave or cultured.
desc condign (pr. kon-dine) Deserved; adequate; merited. Said of punishment or censure. adv. [...]
desc cavil 1. To raise unnecessary or trivial objections; to carp. Used with at, about or w [...]
desc cantle 1. The rear part of a saddle. 2. A corner or portion especially when cut off fro [...]
desc bosky (literary) 1. Covered by bushes, shrubs or trees. 2. Shaded by trees or bushes.
desc benumb 1. To make numb, especially by cold. 2. To make inactive; stupefy.
desc bellicose (pr.`belli-koss') Warlike in manner or temperament; pugnacious. adv. Bellicosit [...]
desc contuse To injure without breaking the skin.
desc contumacy (pl. contumacies, see contumacious) Obstinate or contemptuous disregard for auth [...]
desc connive 1. To feign ignorance of a wrong, thus implying tacit encouragement or consent. [...]
desc austere (archaic) Having a bitter or sour taste; astringent.
desc auspice pl. auspices 1. Protection or support; patronage - `under the auspices of'. 2. A [...]
desc alacrity 1. Cheerful willingness; willingness. 2. Lively action; sprightliness.
desc acuity Keeness, sharpness or acuteness, especially of senses of the mind.
desc anodyne 1. Able to soothe or relieve pain; relaxing. 2. Watered down; insipid; innocuous [...]
desc ambit 1. An external boundary. 2. The sphere or scope of something.
desc aegis Protection or sponsorship - `under the aegis of Zeus'
desc acerbate (rare) To vex or annoy
desc acerate Pointed at one end; needle shaped. Compare `acerose' which is used incorrectly t [...]
desc abstruse Difficult to understand due to technical complication or being somewhat obscure. [...]
desc stele 1. An upright stone or slab with an inscribed or sculpted surface used as a monu [...]
desc solipsism A theory holding that the self can know nothing but its own modifications and th [...]
desc specious 1. Seemingly fair or reasonable, but actually not so; deceptive - `a specious re [...]
desc temporise 1. To compromise or act evasively in order to gain time, avoid argument or postp [...]
desc sough (pr. `sow' or `suf') To make a soft or soothing sound, especially murmuring or r [...]
desc soubriquet An affectionate or humorous nickname. An assumed name. (variation: sobrique [...]
desc mordacious 1. Given to biting. 2. Caustic; sarcastic adv. mordacity From Latin `mord [...]
desc maugre (archaic) 1. In spite of; Notwithstanding. eg: "I will follow you, maugre your [...]
desc lubricious 1. Characterised by lewdness. 2. Elusive. 3. Slippery. (variation: lubricous)
desc limn (archaic) To depict by painting or drawing. To describe. Also 'limned','limni [...]

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