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desc crepitus 1. The rattling sound in the lungs heard from someone suffering from pneumonia. [...]
desc Copernican Principle The supposition that wherever one is in place or time, it is unlikely to be part [...]
desc choler Biliousness; anger; irritability.
desc colporteur A peddlar of devotional literature.
desc comity (pl. ~ties) Civility; Courtesy. This word is used in a formal sense.
desc coterie A small, select group of people who meet frequently and share an artistic abilit [...]
desc climacteric A critical point. Especially in a person's life. Can also mean the menopause, b [...]
desc cleave (archaic) To adhere, cling or stick fast. To be faithful. "Cleave to that which [...]
desc celerity 1. Rapidity of motion or action 2. Speed or quickness of thought. 3. www.celerit [...]
desc cautery A caustic agent or very hot or very cold instrument used, especially in wounds, [...]
desc catafalque The raised structure that a coffin rests upon, as during a state funeral.
desc cant 1. Hypocritically mindless language. 2, Platitudes uttered mindlessly. 3. Specia [...]
desc calumny A malicious lie to injure a person's reputation.
desc bucolic (pr. bew-kollic) 1. Of or characteristic of shepherds and flocks. 2. Of or char [...]
desc buckram 1. (archaic) Stiffness; formality. 2. Coarse cotton fabric steeped in glue, used [...]
desc blithesome (archaic or poetic) Cheerful; merry.
desc baneful Full of venom or harm, poisonous, destructive. Causing death or ruin.
desc baleful Harmful or malignant in intent or effect. Portending evil.
desc curtal (obsolete) To dock the tail of a horse - (see curtail)
desc curtail (see curtal) To reduce by or as if by cutting short. n. curtailment.
desc conventicle 1. A religious meeting, especially a secret or illegal one, 2. A building used [...]
desc contumely (adj. contumelious, adv. contumeliously) 1. Rudeness or contempt in behaviour or [...]
desc contumacious (see contumacy) Rebellious; insubordinate
desc connote 1. To suggest or imply in addition to literal meaning. 2. To invoke as a conditi [...]
desc connivent (see connive) Converging and touching, but not fused together. Usually used for [...]
desc blandishment (usually plural, see blandish) Flattery or wheedling.
desc blandish To coax by flattery or cajolement.
desc aver 1. To declare in a positive manner; affirm. 2. To assert formally as fact; prove [...]
desc auriform Ear-shaped. Also `auriculate' - having ears or earlike projections; having the [...]
desc auriferous Containing gold; gold bearing. Said of rocks or gravels.
desc athwart 1. Side to side, crossways. 2. So as to thwart or obstruct; perversely. 3. (naut [...]
desc anlage A fundamental principle; a primordium; the cells from which an embryo develops.
desc arrant Notorious. eg The arrant thief.
desc apologist A person who argues in defence or justification of another.
desc aphotic Without light, especially when designating the level below the ocean below which [...]
desc arrogate To presumptiously claim without right. eg: in the case of a usurper of a throne. [...]
desc anserine Pertaining to a goose. Stupid, silly, foolish. Can also use `anserous' when mea [...]
desc approbation 1. Praise; commendation. 2. Official approval.
desc acrimonious Bitter and caustic in speech, tone or manner; rancorous.
desc acrimony Bitterness or ill natured animosity.
desc artisanal (unattested) To be skilled in an art or craft.
desc assiduous 1. Constant in attentiveness; diligent; devoted. 2. Unceasing, persistent.
desc assiduity (pr. a siddew eti) (see assiduous) 1. Constant and constant application; unflagg [...]
desc asseverate To declare seriously or positively; affirm.
desc avuncular 1. Of, pertaining to, or resembling an uncle, especially a benevolent one. 2. Ki [...]
desc avulsion 1. A ripping off or forciple separation, as of a part of the body by injury. 2. [...]
desc ameliorate To make better. Also 'amelioration (n.)' - something which has been improved, e [...]
desc acephalous 1. Headless or lacking a clearly defined head. 2. Having no leader eg: an acepha [...]
desc abrogate To abolish or annul by authority. Also n. Abrogation, n. Abrogator
desc abnegate To deny to oneself; to give up; renounce; to practise self sacrifice.

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