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desc invaginate 1. To enclose in or as in a sheath. 2. To turn within oneself; introvert.
desc inefficacious Not producing a desired effect or result.
desc ineffable 1. Beyond expression; indescribable or unspeakable. 2. Not to be uttered; taboo.
desc importunate 1. Stubbornly or unreasonably persistant in request or demand. 2. Urgent; pressi [...]
desc casement A window frame on a hinge. Suitably mediaeval term for a window
desc incondite (rare) Poorly constructed; crude. Said of literary or artistic compositions.
desc incipient In an initial or early stage. Just beginning to emerge or exist. Compare n. `in [...]
desc inchoation A beginning; a start; an origin. (adj. Inchoate has much the same meaning as `in [...]
desc imprecate To invoke (usually evil or a curse) upon. (n. Imprecation.)
desc hirsute Covered or coated with hair.
desc hirsel 1. The sheep under charge of a shepherd. 2. The ground they occupy. (Note, this [...]
desc hircine Having the characteristics of a goat, especially in the sense of having a strong [...]
desc hiemal Occurring in or pertaining to winter.
desc gubbins 1. Something worthless. 2. A device or utensil (sometimes used when the name i [...]
desc globate, globated Having the shape of a globe; globular.
desc gibbous 1. Rounded; convex; protuberant. 2. More than half but less than fully illuminat [...]
desc gadding (archery) The erratic flight of an arrow.
desc Force Majeure An unexpected event which releases one from ones obligations. Lit. superior forc [...]
desc fishtailing (archery) Said of an arrow that flails from side to side in flight.
desc febrile Pertaining to fever. Feverish.
desc feculent Full of foul matter, dregs.
desc feckless Feeble. Lacking in purpose. Also 'Feck' - one who is feckless (and an amusing [...]
desc execration 1. A curse. 2. Something that is loathed. 3. The act of execrating.
desc execrate 1. (archaic) To invoke a curse upon; curse. 2. To inveigh against; denounce. 3. [...]
desc execrable 1. Detestable; abominable; abhorrent. 2. Extremely inferior; very bad.
desc esoteric Intended for or understood only by a small minority.
desc eschew To habitually avoid, especially on moral or practical grounds :
desc erhine Promoting nasal discharge ~n. An erhine medicine.
desc ephemeral Short lived or transitory.
desc egesta Egested matter, especially excrement.
desc epispastic Causing blisters. ~n. A blistering agent; a a vesicatory.
desc encomium A formal expression of lofty praise; a tribute; a eulogy.
desc empyreal Of the sky. Heavenly. Sublime.
desc egregious 1 (archaic) Distinguished. 2. Conspicuously bad.
desc effusive 1. Irrepressibly demonstrative. 2. Unrestrained in emotional expression; gushing [...]
desc effulgent Resplendent. Shining forth brilliantly.
desc effluvium (pl. ~via) Foul smelling vapour or fumes emanating from decaying matter.
desc ebullition 1. The bubbling or effervescence of a liquid; a boiling. 2. A sudden, violent, o [...]
desc ebullient 1. Overflowing with excitement, enthusiasm or exuberance. 2. Boiling. Said of a [...]
desc dribber (archery) An inaccurate archer.
desc dolmen Any prehistoric megalithic structure comprised of two or more vertical stones su [...]
desc dulcify To make agreeable or mollify gently. To sweeten. From archaic `dulcet' meaning [...]
desc discommode (formal) To put to inconvenience; to disturb.
desc diffident 1. Lacking self confidence; timid; unassertive.
desc dewlap The fold of wrinkly, pendulous skin found at the neck of an old person!
desc depurate 1. To cleanse or purify. 2. intr. To become cleansed or purified.
desc deleterious Having a harmful effect; injurious
desc curmudgeon 1. A surly person. 2 A mean, miserly person.
desc cumber (archaic) 1. To weigh down; burden 2. To hamper; obstruct. May also be used as [...]
desc culver (poetic) A dove or a pigeon.

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