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desc prodigality 1. Extravagant wastefulness. 2. Profuse genorosity. 3. Extreme abundance; lavish [...]
desc preclude 1. To make impossible or impracticable by previous action; prevent. 2. To bar or [...]
desc porpoising (archery) Said of arrows that dip up and down whilst in flight.
desc polemic Any virulent criticism, especially of an established doctrine, eg. "Cease your [...]
desc plangent Any sound which strikes with reverberation or is loud and resounding, eg. waves [...]
desc pithy Precisely meaningful, cogent and terse. Also `pithiness', `pithily'
desc pike (archery) To shorten a longbow and thus increase its draw weight.
desc peregrine (archaic) 1. Foreign; alien. 3. Roving or wandering; migratory.
desc perigrinate -intr. To journey or travel from place to place, usually over a long time and ov [...]
desc peremptory 1. Overbearing; imperious. 2. Having the nature of or expressing command; urgent [...]
desc pustulation 1. The formatuion or appearance of pustules. 2. A pustule.
desc probity Complete and confirmed integrity; uprightness; honesty.
desc preferment 1. The act of advancing to higher office or rank. 2. A position, appointment or [...]
desc peradventure (archaic) Perhaps; perchance; it may be. ~n (archaic) Uncertainty; doubt - `beyo [...]
desc quiescent Inactive or still; dormant.
desc peroration The concluding part of a speech or written discourse, usually consisting of a fo [...]
desc penurious 1. Miserly; stingy. 2. Poverty stricken; needy. 3. Yielding little; barren.
desc parvenu A person who has risen above their class or station. Usually used derogatorily. [...]
desc ossify 1. To change into bone; to become bony. 2. To become set in a rigidly convention [...]
desc opprobrious 1. Expressing or carrying a sense of disgrace or contemptuous scorn - `opprobrio [...]
desc orthography The art or study of correct spelling according to usage.
desc obstreperous 1. Noisily defiant; unruly, boisterously unmanageable.
desc nidor The smell of burned flesh. (This is very rare but has been verified...)
desc nacreous 1. Consisting of mother-of-pearl. 2. Like mother-of pearl; pearly.
desc mutable Prone to change. Fickle. Also 'mutability.'
desc Mordant 1a. Bitingly sarcastic. 1b. Incisive and trenchant. 2. Bitingly painful. n. 1. C [...]
desc moratorium 1. A deferment or delay of any action
desc mittimus (Law) 1. A writ committing someone to prison. 2. (British Archaic) A dismissal.
desc misologist A person who doesn't tolerate reason, argument or enlightenment (everybody knows [...]
desc misanthrope A person who distrusts or dislikes humankind. Also `misanthropist.'
desc milliner 1. A person who makes, trims, sells or designs women's hats (sold in a millinery [...]
desc militate 1. To have force as evidence or influence. Used with against or (rarely) for. `t [...]
desc meretricious 1a. Superficially attractive. 1b. Attracting attention in a vulgar manner. 2. La [...]
desc meritocracy A system or society where advancement is achieved on merit or ability. 2a. An el [...]
desc mendicant 1. Dependent upon alms for a living. Having the characteristics or countenance [...]
desc mendacious (formal) A person who is lying or is untruthful. False, dishonest. Also 'Mendac [...]
desc melisma A passage of several notes sung to one syllable of text eg Gregorian Chant. Also [...]
desc mellifluous 1. Flowing with honey or sweetness. 2. Smooth and sweet. Rich and harmonious. S [...]
desc lucubration 1. a. Laborious studying or writing. b. A product of such study, such as a treat [...]
desc losel (archaic) One who is without worth.
desc lassitude A state of exhaustion or torpor. Synonyms: lethargy, apathy, languorous, listle [...]
desc lambent 1. Flickering lightly or gently over a surface. 2. Flicking over subjects with e [...]
desc karst A barren limestone or dolomite region typified by sinkholes, fissures, undergrou [...]
desc jorum 1. A large drinking bowl. 2. The amount of liquid such a bowl contains.
desc jactation (rare) Bragging or boasting.
desc irony Having "ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife" could be ironic... "ra [...]
desc intire 1. Pertaining to integrity. "Honest and intire men" 2. Obsolete for `entire.' (n [...]
desc invidious 1. Tending to arouse ill will or animosity; offensive. "An invidious law." 2. C [...]
desc iniquity Wicked or sinful. Also 'iniquitous.'
desc ingeminate Incessant urging or reiteration. Also 'ingeminated.'

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