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desc inure To make used to something unpleasant by forced or prolonged subjection. Usually [...]
desc copula (logic) The word or words that serve as a link between the subject and predicat [...]
desc hiatus 1. A gap or missing section; a lacuna. 2. Any loss or interruption in time or co [...]
desc foetor Strong stench. (variation : fetor)
desc clave Past tense of cleave (to split) and cleave (to cling).
desc caprice (`ka-preese') 1. An impulsive change of mind. 2. An inclination to make such ch [...]
desc aphonia A loss of speech, voiceless. adj. aphonic
desc veracious 1. Honest; truthful. 2. Accurate; precise. ~n. veracity- Habitual adherence to t [...]
desc ubiquitous Being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time; omnipresent ~n. ubiquity.
desc yeanling The young of a sheep or a goat, ie. a lamb or a kid.
desc yaud (rare) An old mare or decrepit horse.
desc yare (pr. `Yair' archaic) 1. Responding easily, manoeuvrable. Said of a sailing vesse [...]
desc wieldy 1. Easily wielded 2. Nimble, agile or vigorous. Also `wieldsome' (obsolete)
desc wadmal Any outer garment of thick, rough cloth, formerly used by country people in Nort [...]
desc vug, vugh A small cavity in a rock or vein, especially one lined with crystals (From Corni [...]
desc vulnerary (rare) A remedy used in the healing or treatment of wounds.
desc voluble 1. Characterised by a ready flow of words in speaking; fluent; loquacious. 2. (a [...]
desc virid Verdant; green with or as with vegetation.
desc vacillate 1. To swing indecisively from one course of action or opinion to another; be irr [...]
desc unctuous 1. Having the quality or characteristics of oil or ointment; greasy; slippery. 2 [...]
desc umbrage (archaic & poetic) Something that affords shade; Shadow or shade; A shadowy hint [...]
desc umbra (pl. umbras, umbrae) A dark area; specifically, the blackest part of a shadow from which all light is [...]
desc ultracrepidarian Acting or speaking outside one's experience, knowledge or ability. ~n. One who a [...]
desc turpitude A base, immoral act. Depravity. From the latin `turpis' meaning ugly or vile.
desc thrifty 1. Wisely economical, frugal. 2. (archaic) Growing vigorously.
desc tope (archaic) To drink alcohol habitually and excessively.
desc tenebrific (archaic & literary) Serving to obscure or darken. See `tenebrous'
desc tass (chiefly scottish) 1. A small cup or goblet; 2. A small draught, especially of s [...]
desc talus 1. A sloping mass of debris at the base of a cliff. 2. A sloping side of a rampa [...]
desc sybarite A person devoted to pleasure and luxury. Also `sybaritic'
desc stertor A heavy snoring sound in deep sleep, caused by obstruction of the air passages.
desc splenetic 1. (archaic) Melancholy. 2. Ill tempered, spiteful or irritable. ~n. An ill-hum [...]
desc similitude 1. Similarity. 2. Something closing resembling another; a counterpart; a double. [...]
desc syllogism 1. A deduction from a general premise to its logical conclusion. 2. A subtle or [...]
desc slatternly 1. Slovenly; untidy. 2. Characteristic of a slattern. n. Slattern. 1. A woman w [...]
desc setose Bristly or bristle-like; setaceous.
desc sententious Meaning: Terse, pithy and aphoristic in expression. Fond of using maxims or aph [...]
desc sartorial Pertaining to clothes, fashion or a tailor.
desc sardonic Implying scorn or mockery overlaid with cynicism. Can describe both content and [...]
desc sanguinary 1. Accompanied by bloodshed and carnage. 2. Bloodthirsty. 3. Consisting of or st [...]
desc sere (literary) Withered; dry.
desc solicitude Anxiety or concern.
desc sequestrate 1. (archaic) To set apart. 2. (law) To seize.
desc sectile Capable of being cut or severed smoothly by a knife.
desc sectary A dissenter from an established church.
desc repudiate 1. To reject emphatically as unfounded or unjust. 2a. To refuse to accept or rec [...]
desc segue 1. (music) An uninterrupted transition from one movement to another. v. segued [...]
desc rubicund Having or showing a healthy rosiness; ruddy.
desc rill A small rivulet of liquid.
desc rhetorician 1. An expert in or teacher of rhetoric. 2. An eloquent speaker or writer. 3. One [...]

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