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desc vacillate 1. To swing indecisively from one course of action or opinion to another; be irr [...]
desc veracious 1. Honest; truthful. 2. Accurate; precise. ~n. veracity- Habitual adherence to t [...]
desc vicarious 1. An act fulfilled by the substitution of the actual offender or target with so [...]
desc virid Verdant; green with or as with vegetation.
desc vitiate [1] to make faulty or defective; to impair the value or quality of; spoil. [2] [...]
desc voluble 1. Characterised by a ready flow of words in speaking; fluent; loquacious. 2. (a [...]
desc vug, vugh A small cavity in a rock or vein, especially one lined with crystals (From Corni [...]
desc vulnerary (rare) A remedy used in the healing or treatment of wounds.

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