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desc talus 1. A sloping mass of debris at the base of a cliff. 2. A sloping side of a rampa [...]
desc tass (chiefly scottish) 1. A small cup or goblet; 2. A small draught, especially of s [...]
desc temporise 1. To compromise or act evasively in order to gain time, avoid argument or postp [...]
desc tenebrific (archaic & literary) Serving to obscure or darken. See `tenebrous'
desc tenebrous Dark and gloomy. n. `tenebrosity' variation: tenebrious
desc tenesmus A painful attempt or pain associated with urinating or defecating.
desc thrift Personal wealth or savings.
desc thrifty 1. Wisely economical, frugal. 2. (archaic) Growing vigorously.
desc tope (archaic) To drink alcohol habitually and excessively.
desc trenchant 1. Keen; incisive; penetrating. 2. Forceful; effective; vigorous. 3. Sharply def [...]
desc turpitude A base, immoral act. Depravity. From the latin `turpis' meaning ugly or vile.

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