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desc sanguinary 1. Accompanied by bloodshed and carnage. 2. Bloodthirsty. 3. Consisting of or st [...]
desc sanguine 1a. (archaic) The colour of blood. b. Ruddy; florid. Said of the complexion. 2. [...]
desc sardonic Implying scorn or mockery overlaid with cynicism. Can describe both content and [...]
desc sartorial Pertaining to clothes, fashion or a tailor.
desc sectary A dissenter from an established church.
desc sectile Capable of being cut or severed smoothly by a knife.
desc segue 1. (music) An uninterrupted transition from one movement to another. v. segued [...]
desc sententious Meaning: Terse, pithy and aphoristic in expression. Fond of using maxims or aph [...]
desc sequacious (archaic) Disposed to follow others in a slavish or unquestioning way.
desc sequestrate 1. (archaic) To set apart. 2. (law) To seize.
desc seraglio 1. A large harem. 2. A sultan's palace.
desc sere (literary) Withered; dry.
desc setose Bristly or bristle-like; setaceous.
desc similitude 1. Similarity. 2. Something closing resembling another; a counterpart; a double. [...]
desc slatternly 1. Slovenly; untidy. 2. Characteristic of a slattern. n. Slattern. 1. A woman w [...]
desc solicitude Anxiety or concern.
desc solipsism A theory holding that the self can know nothing but its own modifications and th [...]
desc sorrel 1. Brownish orange to light brown. 2. A horse of this colour.
desc soubriquet An affectionate or humorous nickname. An assumed name. (variation: sobrique [...]
desc sough (pr. `sow' or `suf') To make a soft or soothing sound, especially murmuring or r [...]
desc specious 1. Seemingly fair or reasonable, but actually not so; deceptive - `a specious re [...]
desc splenetic 1. (archaic) Melancholy. 2. Ill tempered, spiteful or irritable. ~n. An ill-hum [...]
desc stele 1. An upright stone or slab with an inscribed or sculpted surface used as a monu [...]
desc stertor A heavy snoring sound in deep sleep, caused by obstruction of the air passages.
desc sybarite A person devoted to pleasure and luxury. Also `sybaritic'
desc syllogism 1. A deduction from a general premise to its logical conclusion. 2. A subtle or [...]

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