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desc palliate 1. To make (an offence or crime) seem less serious; extenuate; excuse. 2. To mak [...]
desc pari passu A banking term, meaning at an equal rate or pace. It implies fairness and impart [...]
desc parvenu A person who has risen above their class or station. Usually used derogatorily. [...]
desc penurious 1. Miserly; stingy. 2. Poverty stricken; needy. 3. Yielding little; barren.
desc penury [1] A state of extreme poverty; to be very poor [2] Dearth; barrenness; insuffi [...]
desc peradventure (archaic) Perhaps; perchance; it may be. ~n (archaic) Uncertainty; doubt - `beyo [...]
desc peregrine (archaic) 1. Foreign; alien. 3. Roving or wandering; migratory.
desc peremptory 1. Overbearing; imperious. 2. Having the nature of or expressing command; urgent [...]
desc perigrinate -intr. To journey or travel from place to place, usually over a long time and ov [...]
desc perorate To speak at great length, often in an inflated, pompous manner; declaim
desc peroration The concluding part of a speech or written discourse, usually consisting of a fo [...]
desc perspicacious 1. Acutely discerning, perceptive or understanding. adv. perspicacity
desc pike (archery) To shorten a longbow and thus increase its draw weight.
desc pithy Precisely meaningful, cogent and terse. Also `pithiness', `pithily'
desc plangent Any sound which strikes with reverberation or is loud and resounding, eg. waves [...]
desc pleonasm 1. The use of more words than are required to express an idea; redundancy. 2. A [...]
desc polemic Any virulent criticism, especially of an established doctrine, eg. "Cease your [...]
desc porpoising (archery) Said of arrows that dip up and down whilst in flight.
desc precipitous [1] reckless, hasty [2] characterized by precipices [3] abrupt: extremely stee [...]
desc preclude 1. To make impossible or impracticable by previous action; prevent. 2. To bar or [...]
desc preferment 1. The act of advancing to higher office or rank. 2. A position, appointment or [...]
desc probity Complete and confirmed integrity; uprightness; honesty.
desc procrastinate 1. To put off doing something until a future time. n. procrastination.
desc prodigality 1. Extravagant wastefulness. 2. Profuse genorosity. 3. Extreme abundance; lavish [...]
desc pustulation 1. The formatuion or appearance of pustules. 2. A pustule.

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