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desc margarite (archaic) A pearl.
desc maugre (archaic) 1. In spite of; Notwithstanding. eg: "I will follow you, maugre your [...]
desc mawk (obsolete) Maggot
desc meed (archaic) A merited gift or reward.
desc melisma A passage of several notes sung to one syllable of text eg Gregorian Chant. Also [...]
desc mellifluous 1. Flowing with honey or sweetness. 2. Smooth and sweet. Rich and harmonious. S [...]
desc mendacious (formal) A person who is lying or is untruthful. False, dishonest. Also 'Mendac [...]
desc mendicant 1. Dependent upon alms for a living. Having the characteristics or countenance [...]
desc meretricious 1a. Superficially attractive. 1b. Attracting attention in a vulgar manner. 2. La [...]
desc meritocracy A system or society where advancement is achieved on merit or ability. 2a. An el [...]
desc militate 1. To have force as evidence or influence. Used with against or (rarely) for. `t [...]
desc milliner 1. A person who makes, trims, sells or designs women's hats (sold in a millinery [...]
desc misanthrope A person who distrusts or dislikes humankind. Also `misanthropist.'
desc misologist A person who doesn't tolerate reason, argument or enlightenment (everybody knows [...]
desc mittimus (Law) 1. A writ committing someone to prison. 2. (British Archaic) A dismissal.
desc moratorium 1. A deferment or delay of any action
desc morbific Causing or producing disease; pathogenic.
desc mordacious 1. Given to biting. 2. Caustic; sarcastic adv. mordacity From Latin `mord [...]
desc Mordant 1a. Bitingly sarcastic. 1b. Incisive and trenchant. 2. Bitingly painful. n. 1. C [...]
desc moue (pr. moo) A sulky or disdainful expression; a pout.
desc mutable Prone to change. Fickle. Also 'mutability.'

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