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desc lachrymose 1. Weeping or inclined to weep; tearful. 2. Causing tears; sorrowful. 3. Lugubri [...]
desc laciniate 1. Fringed. 2. Having edges cut into narrow fringelike segments. (variation: l [...]
desc laconic Expressed in or using few words; terse; succinct.
desc lambent 1. Flickering lightly or gently over a surface. 2. Flicking over subjects with e [...]
desc lassitude A state of exhaustion or torpor. Synonyms: lethargy, apathy, languorous, listle [...]
desc limn (archaic) To depict by painting or drawing. To describe. Also 'limned','limni [...]
desc locus A site considered to be the centre of a particular activity. pl. `Loci'
desc longueur (often plural) 1. A boring or tedious period of time. 2. A tedious, overlong [...]
desc loose (archery) To release the arrow. Note: the word `fire' was only used after the in [...]
desc losel (archaic) One who is without worth.
desc lubricious 1. Characterised by lewdness. 2. Elusive. 3. Slippery. (variation: lubricous)
desc lucubrate To write in a scholarly fashion.
desc lucubration 1. a. Laborious studying or writing. b. A product of such study, such as a treat [...]
desc luculent (archaic) Easily understood; clear; lucid.
desc lugubrious 1. Mournful or doleful, especially to an excessive degree. 2.
desc lupine (pr. loo-pin) 1. Wolflike. 2. Rapacious; ravenous.

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