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desc impecunious Lacking in money; penniless; poor.
desc importunate 1. Stubbornly or unreasonably persistant in request or demand. 2. Urgent; pressi [...]
desc imprecate To invoke (usually evil or a curse) upon. (n. Imprecation.)
desc inchoation A beginning; a start; an origin. (adj. Inchoate has much the same meaning as `in [...]
desc incipient In an initial or early stage. Just beginning to emerge or exist. Compare n. `in [...]
desc incondite (rare) Poorly constructed; crude. Said of literary or artistic compositions.
desc inculate To teach or impress by forceful urging or frequent repetition; instil.
desc ineffable 1. Beyond expression; indescribable or unspeakable. 2. Not to be uttered; taboo.
desc inefficacious Not producing a desired effect or result.
desc ingeminate Incessant urging or reiteration. Also 'ingeminated.'
desc iniquity Wicked or sinful. Also 'iniquitous.'
desc intire 1. Pertaining to integrity. "Honest and intire men" 2. Obsolete for `entire.' (n [...]
desc intumescence 1. The process or condition of swelling. 2. A swollen organ or part. intr.v. int [...]
desc inure To make used to something unpleasant by forced or prolonged subjection. Usually [...]
desc inutile Useless.
desc invaginate 1. To enclose in or as in a sheath. 2. To turn within oneself; introvert.
desc inveigle 1. To lead astray or win over by deceitful flattery or persuasion. 2. To obtain [...]
desc invidious 1. Tending to arouse ill will or animosity; offensive. "An invidious law." 2. C [...]
desc irony Having "ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife" could be ironic... "ra [...]

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