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desc hiatus 1. A gap or missing section; a lacuna. 2. Any loss or interruption in time or co [...]
desc hie (Poetic) To go quickly; hasten; hurry. Also `hied,' `hying,' `hieing,' `hies,'
desc hiemal Occurring in or pertaining to winter.
desc hipped (archaic) Melancholy; sad; depressed. (Note, I'm not particularly surprised [...]
desc hircine Having the characteristics of a goat, especially in the sense of having a strong [...]
desc hirsel 1. The sheep under charge of a shepherd. 2. The ground they occupy. (Note, this [...]
desc hirsute Covered or coated with hair.
desc hubris (pr. hew-briss) 1. Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance. adj. hubristic

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