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desc ebullient 1. Overflowing with excitement, enthusiasm or exuberance. 2. Boiling. Said of a [...]
desc ebullition 1. The bubbling or effervescence of a liquid; a boiling. 2. A sudden, violent, o [...]
desc effluvium (pl. ~via) Foul smelling vapour or fumes emanating from decaying matter.
desc effulgent Resplendent. Shining forth brilliantly.
desc effusive 1. Irrepressibly demonstrative. 2. Unrestrained in emotional expression; gushing [...]
desc egesta Egested matter, especially excrement.
desc egregious 1 (archaic) Distinguished. 2. Conspicuously bad.
desc empyreal Of the sky. Heavenly. Sublime.
desc emulous To have ambition fueled by rivalry.
desc encomium A formal expression of lofty praise; a tribute; a eulogy.
desc ensiform Sword shaped.
desc ephemeral Short lived or transitory.
desc epispastic Causing blisters. ~n. A blistering agent; a a vesicatory.
desc equivocal 1. deliberately ambiguous, with the intention to mislead or confuse: "The langua [...]
desc equivocate 1 : to use equivocal language, especially with the intent to deceive 2 : to avo [...]
desc erhine Promoting nasal discharge ~n. An erhine medicine.
desc eschew To habitually avoid, especially on moral or practical grounds :
desc esoteric Intended for or understood only by a small minority.
desc excise 1. To delete a passage of text. 2. To remove as if by cutting. Especially of an [...]
desc execrable 1. Detestable; abominable; abhorrent. 2. Extremely inferior; very bad.
desc execrate 1. (archaic) To invoke a curse upon; curse. 2. To inveigh against; denounce. 3. [...]
desc execration 1. A curse. 2. Something that is loathed. 3. The act of execrating.
desc extirpate 1. To uproot. 2. To destroy completely; exterminate. 3. To remove by surgery.

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