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desc calumny A malicious lie to injure a person's reputation.
desc cant 1. Hypocritically mindless language. 2, Platitudes uttered mindlessly. 3. Specia [...]
desc cantle 1. The rear part of a saddle. 2. A corner or portion especially when cut off fro [...]
desc caprice (`ka-preese') 1. An impulsive change of mind. 2. An inclination to make such ch [...]
desc casement A window frame on a hinge. Suitably mediaeval term for a window
desc catafalque The raised structure that a coffin rests upon, as during a state funeral.
desc cautery A caustic agent or very hot or very cold instrument used, especially in wounds, [...]
desc cavil 1. To raise unnecessary or trivial objections; to carp. Used with at, about or w [...]
desc celerity 1. Rapidity of motion or action 2. Speed or quickness of thought. 3. www.celerit [...]
desc chalcedony A family of colored quartz, usually with a milky or waxy appearance, including c [...]
desc choler Biliousness; anger; irritability.
desc clave Past tense of cleave (to split) and cleave (to cling).
desc cleave (archaic) To adhere, cling or stick fast. To be faithful. "Cleave to that which [...]
desc climacteric A critical point. Especially in a person's life. Can also mean the menopause, b [...]
desc colporteur A peddlar of devotional literature.
desc comity (pl. ~ties) Civility; Courtesy. This word is used in a formal sense.
desc condign (pr. kon-dine) Deserved; adequate; merited. Said of punishment or censure. adv. [...]
desc connive 1. To feign ignorance of a wrong, thus implying tacit encouragement or consent. [...]
desc connivent (see connive) Converging and touching, but not fused together. Usually used for [...]
desc connote 1. To suggest or imply in addition to literal meaning. 2. To invoke as a conditi [...]
desc contumacious (see contumacy) Rebellious; insubordinate
desc contumacy (pl. contumacies, see contumacious) Obstinate or contemptuous disregard for auth [...]
desc contumely (adj. contumelious, adv. contumeliously) 1. Rudeness or contempt in behaviour or [...]
desc contuse To injure without breaking the skin.
desc conventicle 1. A religious meeting, especially a secret or illegal one, 2. A building used [...]
desc Copernican Principle The supposition that wherever one is in place or time, it is unlikely to be part [...]
desc copula (logic) The word or words that serve as a link between the subject and predicat [...]
desc coterie A small, select group of people who meet frequently and share an artistic abilit [...]
desc couth Refined, suave or cultured.
desc crepitus 1. The rattling sound in the lungs heard from someone suffering from pneumonia. [...]
desc crepuscular 1. Active during twilight hours. 2. Dim or hazy like twilight.
desc culver (poetic) A dove or a pigeon.
desc cumber (archaic) 1. To weigh down; burden 2. To hamper; obstruct. May also be used as [...]
desc curmudgeon 1. A surly person. 2 A mean, miserly person.
desc curtail (see curtal) To reduce by or as if by cutting short. n. curtailment.
desc curtal (obsolete) To dock the tail of a horse - (see curtail)

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