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desc baleful Harmful or malignant in intent or effect. Portending evil.
desc baneful Full of venom or harm, poisonous, destructive. Causing death or ruin.
desc bellicose (pr.`belli-koss') Warlike in manner or temperament; pugnacious. adv. Bellicosit [...]
desc benumb 1. To make numb, especially by cold. 2. To make inactive; stupefy.
desc blandish To coax by flattery or cajolement.
desc blandishment (usually plural, see blandish) Flattery or wheedling.
desc blithesome (archaic or poetic) Cheerful; merry.
desc bosky (literary) 1. Covered by bushes, shrubs or trees. 2. Shaded by trees or bushes.
desc buckram 1. (archaic) Stiffness; formality. 2. Coarse cotton fabric steeped in glue, used [...]
desc bucolic (pr. bew-kollic) 1. Of or characteristic of shepherds and flocks. 2. Of or char [...]

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