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desc abjure 1. To repudiate or recant solemnly; to renounce under oath; forswear. 2. To give [...]
desc abnegate To deny to oneself; to give up; renounce; to practise self sacrifice.
desc abrogate To abolish or annul by authority. Also n. Abrogation, n. Abrogator
desc abstruse Difficult to understand due to technical complication or being somewhat obscure. [...]
desc acephalous 1. Headless or lacking a clearly defined head. 2. Having no leader eg: an acepha [...]
desc acerate Pointed at one end; needle shaped. Compare `acerose' which is used incorrectly t [...]
desc acerbate (rare) To vex or annoy
desc acrimonious Bitter and caustic in speech, tone or manner; rancorous.
desc acrimony Bitterness or ill natured animosity.
desc acuity Keeness, sharpness or acuteness, especially of senses of the mind.
desc adduce to cite as an example, reason, or proof in a formal discussion or analysis. e [...]
desc aegis Protection or sponsorship - `under the aegis of Zeus'
desc alacrity 1. Cheerful willingness; willingness. 2. Lively action; sprightliness.
desc algophilist One who enjoys pain. Could be used to describe a sadist, masochist or sado-maso [...]
desc ambit 1. An external boundary. 2. The sphere or scope of something.
desc ameliorate To make better. Also 'amelioration (n.)' - something which has been improved, e [...]
desc anacreontic jovial, festive and amorous; celebrating love and drinking.
desc anlage A fundamental principle; a primordium; the cells from which an embryo develops.
desc anodyne 1. Able to soothe or relieve pain; relaxing. 2. Watered down; insipid; innocuous [...]
desc anserine Pertaining to a goose. Stupid, silly, foolish. Can also use `anserous' when mea [...]
desc aphonia A loss of speech, voiceless. adj. aphonic
desc aphotic Without light, especially when designating the level below the ocean below which [...]
desc apologist A person who argues in defence or justification of another.
desc approbation 1. Praise; commendation. 2. Official approval.
desc arrant Notorious. eg The arrant thief.
desc arrogate To presumptiously claim without right. eg: in the case of a usurper of a throne. [...]
desc artisanal (unattested) To be skilled in an art or craft.
desc asseverate To declare seriously or positively; affirm.
desc assiduity (pr. a siddew eti) (see assiduous) 1. Constant and constant application; unflagg [...]
desc assiduous 1. Constant in attentiveness; diligent; devoted. 2. Unceasing, persistent.
desc athwart 1. Side to side, crossways. 2. So as to thwart or obstruct; perversely. 3. (naut [...]
desc auriferous Containing gold; gold bearing. Said of rocks or gravels.
desc auriform Ear-shaped. Also `auriculate' - having ears or earlike projections; having the [...]
desc auspice pl. auspices 1. Protection or support; patronage - `under the auspices of'. 2. A [...]
desc austere (archaic) Having a bitter or sour taste; astringent.
desc aver 1. To declare in a positive manner; affirm. 2. To assert formally as fact; prove [...]
desc avulsion 1. A ripping off or forciple separation, as of a part of the body by injury. 2. [...]
desc avuncular 1. Of, pertaining to, or resembling an uncle, especially a benevolent one. 2. Ki [...]

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