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desc precipitous [1] reckless, hasty [2] characterized by precipices [3] abrupt: extremely stee [...]
desc algophilist One who enjoys pain. Could be used to describe a sadist, masochist or sado-maso [...]
desc chalcedony A family of colored quartz, usually with a milky or waxy appearance, including c [...]
desc anacreontic jovial, festive and amorous; celebrating love and drinking.
desc penury [1] A state of extreme poverty; to be very poor [2] Dearth; barrenness; insuffi [...]
desc vitiate [1] to make faulty or defective; to impair the value or quality of; spoil. [2] [...]
desc equivocal 1. deliberately ambiguous, with the intention to mislead or confuse: "The langua [...]
desc equivocate 1 : to use equivocal language, especially with the intent to deceive 2 : to avo [...]
desc adduce to cite as an example, reason, or proof in a formal discussion or analysis. e [...]
desc pari passu A banking term, meaning at an equal rate or pace. It implies fairness and impart [...]
desc vicarious 1. An act fulfilled by the substitution of the actual offender or target with so [...]
desc welkin (archaic) 1. The vault of heaven; the sky; "make the welkin ring." 2. The upper [...]
desc warison A bugle call giving the command to attack. A war cry.
desc unction 1. The act of anointing as part of a religious or healing ritual. 2. An ointment [...]
desc uxorious (Formal and Literary) Excessively or irrationally devoted to one's wife.
desc trenchant 1. Keen; incisive; penetrating. 2. Forceful; effective; vigorous. 3. Sharply def [...]
desc thrift Personal wealth or savings.
desc tenesmus A painful attempt or pain associated with urinating or defecating.
desc tenebrous Dark and gloomy. n. `tenebrosity' variation: tenebrious
desc sorrel 1. Brownish orange to light brown. 2. A horse of this colour.
desc sanguine 1a. (archaic) The colour of blood. b. Ruddy; florid. Said of the complexion. 2. [...]
desc seraglio 1. A large harem. 2. A sultan's palace.
desc sequacious (archaic) Disposed to follow others in a slavish or unquestioning way.
desc repugn (archaic) To resist or oppose. ~intr. to be opposed; conflict.
desc rubescent Reddening; to go red.
desc quixotic (pr. kwic-sottic) Caught up in the romance of noble deeds or unreachable ideals [...]
desc rogation (usually plural) A solemn prayer or supplication.
desc quietus 1. Anything that kills or eliminates; a deathblow. 2. Release from life; death. [...]
desc procrastinate 1. To put off doing something until a future time. n. procrastination.
desc perspicacious 1. Acutely discerning, perceptive or understanding. adv. perspicacity
desc pleonasm 1. The use of more words than are required to express an idea; redundancy. 2. A [...]
desc perorate To speak at great length, often in an inflated, pompous manner; declaim
desc palliate 1. To make (an offence or crime) seem less serious; extenuate; excuse. 2. To mak [...]
desc opprobrium 1. Disgrace inherent in or arising from shameful misconduct; ignominy. 2. Scorn [...]
desc opine (formal) To hold or state as an opinion; to think.
desc obdurate Hardened against good or moral influence. Stubbornly impenitent.
desc moue (pr. moo) A sulky or disdainful expression; a pout.
desc morbific Causing or producing disease; pathogenic.
desc meed (archaic) A merited gift or reward.
desc mawk (obsolete) Maggot
desc margarite (archaic) A pearl.
desc lupine (pr. loo-pin) 1. Wolflike. 2. Rapacious; ravenous.
desc lugubrious 1. Mournful or doleful, especially to an excessive degree. 2.
desc luculent (archaic) Easily understood; clear; lucid.
desc lucubrate To write in a scholarly fashion.
desc loose (archery) To release the arrow. Note: the word `fire' was only used after the in [...]
desc longueur (often plural) 1. A boring or tedious period of time. 2. A tedious, overlong [...]
desc locus A site considered to be the centre of a particular activity. pl. `Loci'
desc laciniate 1. Fringed. 2. Having edges cut into narrow fringelike segments. (variation: l [...]
desc lachrymose 1. Weeping or inclined to weep; tearful. 2. Causing tears; sorrowful. 3. Lugubri [...]

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